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All in good time

  • Builder: We have had a good look at the program and so now can confirm that we will complete the works by the end of May.
  • Project Manager: Ahhh....yes but it’s now June.
  • Builder: Yes, well...we’ve looked at productivity across the board, made a few tweaks here and there, so we should be back on track in no time.
  • Project Manager: Let me get this straight. You are about 90% complete, and you will finish the job one month ago?
  • Builder: The boys will have to agree to a night shift of course, but yes.
  • Project Manager: You aren’t finished yet.
  • Builder: Subject to the weather conditions, we’ll be right. Don’t forget, it’s a target.
  • Project Manager: I think I would like to see your program.
  • Builder: Good idea. Then we can discuss those acceleration costs.
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